luni, 15 aprilie 2013

What I would wear today: Casual chic outfit

Casual chic outfit

    Hello, everyone!
    Today I'm in a great mood, so my inspiration has come! I am so happy that finally spring has come, because it's my favourite season. :)
    That's exactly why today I would wear this casual chic outfit. It is perfect if you want to feel comfortable, but fashion. It is also a little glamorous outfit, so if you want to shine today, there you go!  Personally, I just love this combination of jeans and lace and these beautiful colours make me think about candies. :D 
    Of course, you don't have to use exactly these items. I didn't. ;) Use your creativity and wear an original outfit, made by yourselves.
    Until next time, I wish you all to have wonderful&shiny days!

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